3) Can I pre-order items if they are out of stock?

Yes you can. When items go out of stock, they will be labelled as “(product name) – Preorder”. These products can be purchased on a preorder basis. Any existing limited time discounts can also be applied to purchase pre-order products.
Do note that shipping for pre-order products may take up to 2 months from the time of your order.

2) Can I amend or cancel my order after submitting it?

All orders are processed very quickly to ensure the fastest delivery possible. Therefore, processed orders usually cannot be changed or cancelled once it has been submitted. Please be sure to check all information carefully before placing your order. If you discover a mistake, please contact us and let us know soonest possible.

1) Do I need an account to start shopping?

You can opt to shop as a guest but we strongly recommend to you sign up for an account to be a member for the following reasons:
– Easier and faster check-out with pre-filled forms
– Stay notified of the newest arrivals
– Exclusive members promotions

Plus, it’s free! Enuff said.