Science Busters: Genetics Science


“Double eyelids? Check! Attached earlobes? Check! Hitchhiker thumb? Check! We are just one more step away from solving the mystery! All the clues are in place and it is now up to you to solve the case…”


Students will join as junior science investigators to:

  • Learn about cells, DNA, genes, and the science of heredity
  • Participate in interactive experiments, engaging activities and hands-on crafts
  • Apply concepts learnt to solve an intriguing mystery case
  • Get hands-on in making their own mini working microscope to bring home


Is there a secret code inside all of us?
Join us today to find out!


Class Details:
Age: Open to all ages 7 – 10 years old
Duration: 2.5 hours
Mode: Physical in-person classes
Venue: Refer to Schedule below!


Available this Jun 2022 school holiday!
Check out the June 2022 schedule of the course here