Genius X Play is Singapore’s leading enrichment provider, offering a series of fun hands-on Science, Math and STEM programmes for in-school workshops and school holiday seasons.

We Redefine Learning to be Geniusly Fun, Playfully Educational
Learning \ ˈlər-niŋ \

The holistic process of building character, values and competence in knowledge that supports life-long learning.

Rather than dish out information on a platter, we believe that children learn best when their curiosity is piqued and when they are actively engaged in the discovery of knowledge.

We do this through creating opportunities for meaningful exploration and cohering the element of play with learning objectives that nurtures curiosity and the drive to learn. Exposed to hands-on experiential learning and finding out for themselves what works and what doesn’t, children develop skills, values and mindset that will bring them further towards the life-long journey of learning.

After all, children learn when learning is designed to be geniusly fun and playfully educational.