Kitchen Play Set


Kitchen pretend play set made of quality wooden material, non-toxic, and durable.

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Brought to you through collaboration between Genius X Play and Curated Cart SG:


Non-toxic & safe to use: This kitchen pretend play set is made of quality wooden material, non-toxic, durable.

Pretend Play Toy: The mini simulated play set could cultivate the child’s cognitive ability, structural mastery, three-dimensional thinking of the real furniture, and the ability to grasp.


There are 5 different sets available.

1. Flour blender set

2. Coffee Maker Set

3. Bread Maker set

4. Juicer Blender set

5. Microwave Oven set


Each set can be purchased separately or as a bundle of 5 sets for special price.


You could combine a variety of different types of furniture collocation, and the appliances could be put on the desk, put in the home as a decoration, to give the child a warm home.


Perfect Gift: A valuable pretend play set for kids as a gift.

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Flour Blender Set, Coffee Maker Set, Bread Maker Set, Juicer Blender Set, Microwave Oven Set, All 5 bundle Set