Math Marvels: An Episode in Geometry and Logic Games


You wake up to an empty classroom and a few puzzles on the table.
Where has everyone gone to?


Join us in this experiential workshop to:

  • Explore, learn and apply math skills and concepts on geometry, reasoning, and logic thinking
  • Engage in thought-provoking puzzles, team-based timed challenges and logic games
  • Develop stronger visual-spatial awareness, creative thinking, and perceptual reasoning skills, as well as nurture a stronger interest in Math
  • Apply knowledge learnt and test their math skills to solve an ultimate challenge


You have 45 min to solve the case.
Your time starts now!


Class Details:
Age: Open to all ages 7 – 10 years old
Duration: 2.5 hours
Mode: Physical in-person classes
Venue: Refer to Schedule below!


Available this Jun 2022 school holiday!
Check out the June 2022 schedule of the course here