Math Heuristics Problem Solving

Master problem solving with us with easy-to-apply techniques to the commonly-tested primary heuristics math problems, spot visual clues in the questions, and learn effective model drawing to visualise and solve the problem.

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In this comprehensive Maths problem-solving workshop, students will learn to:

  • Spot visual clues in the question
  • Identify the question types (before and after concept, working backwards, internal transfer) and apply the relevant method
  • Practice solving different problems from a range of heuristic question types.

In addition, students learn effective model drawing techniques that allows them to visualise and understand Math problems more easily through the pictorial approach.


Class Details:
3 levels available: Basic (Age 7 – 8), Intermediate (Age 9 – 10), Advanced (Age 11 – 12)
Duration: 3 hours

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