Holiday Quiz Of The Month: Dec 2016 – Solution

Check your answer and see if you got it right!

The quiz:

Christmas is just around the corner! Santa is working on a Christmas quiz and he needs some help!

C H R I S T M A S C H R I S T M A S C H R . . . . . .

Santa knows that “C” is in the 1st position, “H” is in the 2nd position, “R” is in the 3rd position and so on. But he is stuck on which letter would be in the 100th position. Put on your thinking caps and give Santa a helping hand!

The Solution:

We can make use of grouping concepts over here, where we group the letters of each “Christmas” word into one group.


Each group consists of 9 letters.

Since the question asked for the 100th letter, let’s take 100 divide by 9.

We will get the answer 11, with a remainder of 1. This means the 100th letter will be in the position of the 11th group plus 1 more letter.


Answer is letter “C” ! Did you get it right?