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Happy Parents & Students

  • ” Both my children (5 and 7) thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were able to answer the questions immediately without hearing the options. I have difficulty finding activities that interests both of them. This speaks tons about the class. Great job. “

  • ” I am so impressed of my son after he attended the class. I was asking him these 3 questions without opening the booklet that the teacher handed over to him after the class. And he answered all of them correctly. It tells me that the teacher is teaching/explaining them thoroughly about the subject. He learned a lot from this, and I am looking forward to get him to any of your future classes! Thank you for your guidance! “

  • ” Love the hands on approach. My son loved it that he could get involved with what was happening at the front of the class, with the light box. The family had a mini lecture by my son after he came back 🙂 Thankful for an engaging teacher too! “

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